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Men’s Mental Health Day Is Everyday

Shouldn’t It Be This Way

Why Isn't Men's Mental Health Day Everyday

It Wasn’t Like This In Our Day!!

How many times have you heard this form older folk? Probably more than you could remember, But then what they don’t tell you is the amount of men back in the day that chose suicide over talking to a healthcare professional. That’s the stark reality of the ever growing Mental Health problem in Men, Its true that Mental Health in men is much more widely spoken about, But unfortunately just not enough. Did you know in the UK alone the number of male suicides in UK last year alone was 14.2 in 1000 thats 73% more than females. How shocking are those figures, It again goes to show that men are either just not asking for help or they just don’t want the help. This all has to change as far to many husbands, Fathers and Brothers are leaving us far to soon, The real question is what can we do to bring these numbers down??

There a large number of charities that work to battle the fight with Mental Health in men, But they are just that a charity, I’m just not sure they are making the difference that us men need. Another question that worries me is Why?, Why are these men choosing this as a way out! is life really that bad for the ones that make the ultimate option to leave everyone they know, Because in their head there just isn’t a way out. Personally i would like to see an organisation giving men the answers and the options to chose the path that keeps them with us. There must be a way to help even if it was just a mate to talk to when your feeling really low, maybe a mate thats been where you are now.

As we lightly went over how things were so different back in the day, Now days the stigma is lifting but just not fast enough, How would you like to change things, To make it easier for men to speak out about their Mental Health worries, Or just for a chat?

Personally and talking from experience as I still suffer from my own Mental Health issues, That even i don’t like to talking about my own problems, The wife has to drag it out of me, She calls me emotional void, This is because I keep things in and then after a while everything gets on top of me and then i will start having my panic attacks. I would like to see a safespace were even if it was anonymously, Where i could unload my head and kind of just get it out there, I really think that could help me and maybe others.

Worse Time Of The Year For Men’s Mental Health

According to the UK statistics the Christmas Holiday is the worse time of the year with a whopping 666 people out of 2000 in a study done by a UK based company suggested they suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD for short. 31% Say they suffer from sleepless nights and 13% Suffer with Extreme headaches over the Festive Period. The numbers are quite staggering considering Christmas is really only one day a year.

Let’s face it everyone has a bad day here and there but if you haven’t had to deal with Mental Health yourself or had a close friend, Or family member go through it, Then you really don’t understand the difference between “I Don’t Feel Like Facing The World Today” And “I Can’t Even Get Out Of Bed, Let Alone Face The World, And If My Head Keeps Closing In On Me Like It Is, Then I Got To Get Out Of My Life!”

That’s what people with Mental Health issues deal with. Not only a daily basis , But minute to minute throughout their daily lives, Or the constant ringing in there head, Which gets to the point of feeling the only way to make thee noise stop, Is to finish it all.

So please bear this in mind when you start to make assumptions on people that are very ill with Mental Health, Be more understanding even if you don’t really care, the fact that you have taken the time to be more caring would make the difference, That day between life or death, And that’s a hard fact, This is what it does to the suffers. So be caring, Be understandable, Be thoughtful, Be loving, Be someone’s hero even if it’s just for a day. Also your children may suffer with mental health problems like my son Phoenix read about him here.

I just wanted to add this, If you are struggling in life, Even if you think it’s nothing, Then always reach out to someone even if it’s a stranger on the bus, Sometimes those strangers can be a hero, But if you feel like you have nowhere else to turn, You feel like you just can’t carry on! Then please contact someone anyone, Even me just drop me a comment and I will do whatever i can to help. Below I have listed places that offer support to everyone with Mental Health issues. Just try to remember that someone does care about you, Please don’t give up….

Be Someone's Hero - Men's Mental Health

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