Worzals Santa’s Arctic Adventure Was Amazing

A Fantastic Christmas Experience At Worzals In Wisbech

We all dream of a white Christmas just like the ones we used to know.. No seriously we do, But living in the UK the chances of us ever getting that beautiful white snow on xmas is pretty much out of the question. So as a father or a mother or that matter, We are always on the look out for that Christmas experience.

So me and the wife recently moved to Wisbech due to my wife being very ill and my family all live in the area, It’s going to be the first time me the wife and our two children will be around family a xmas. My mum kept mentioning to me about Worzals, But obviously from not being here for long or not originally from the area, We had no idea about the place. The wife booked us the Full Santa’s Arctic Adventure which to be honest was really good value it worked out about £30.00 each Personally I think that’s bargain, You will to after reading about our day out there.

Upon arriving at Worzals In Wisbech you take a walk through a pathway of beautiful Christmas Trees, Which automatically puts you the Xmas spirit, When you are walking through the spiraling pathway among the breath taking trees and scenery, You will be surprised by a Reindeer or two within the trees. This shocked my children the joy in their faces was worth the entrance fee alone, And we hadn’t even entered the main part as of yet.

As we reached the first hut to show our tickets there was two regular members of staff that were very friendly and very helpful which was also nice to see, As there was a lot of people there when we arrived, So they must have to deal with a very high amount of guests daily.

The children were gifted with two wonderful and well thought out Elf Passports, Which will also be an amazing keep sake from the day. Inside the Passports you find pages to help guide you through the magical trip to Santa. Each page has an area to receive a stamp, The elves throughout the adventure stamp each page for each section of the pathway to Santa. Such a great idea and keeps everyone in your party excited for the next section.

As you carry on through the Xmas woodland pathway you come to a lovely enchanting elf and a large door this is were you children receive their very first elf stamp. Once you walk through the door its like your walking through a magical wardrobe full of elf coats. I found this especially special, It kinda takes even the parents back to their childhood.

These are the Elf Passports the children received at Worzals Santa's Arctic Adventure
Me & My children sitting on santas sleigh at Worzals Santa's Arctic Adventure in Wisbech
A Beautiful Xmas View At Worzals Of Wisbech As Part Of There Santa's Arctic  Adventure

As you walk through the doors you find yourself within an outstanding ice North Pole experience, There are so many moving parts to this adventure you will seeing singing Polar Bears, Penguins And snow covered Christmas Trees, It really is a winter wonderland, The staff at Worzals have really done themselves proud.

If you love xmas carols and singing animals then are you certainly for a treat, As there are more and more to see including some singing reindeer, But remember so far we are only in the second room with many more adventures ahead.

The singing reindeer's at Worz
My son racing around the tractor racing at Santa's Arctic Adventure.

Now if you have some race car lovers in the family then is part of the adventure is gonna make you the best dad out there and you can add this dad hack to your arsenal.

My son absolutely loved racing the tractors around the small track in fact he rode it 4 times bless him. Even my mum whos 69 next week hoped on with my 4 years daughter for a ride, So you can definitely say this one is for all the family to enjoy. The best thing is you get a free ride with your ticket, All you have to do is show the operator your Elf Passport and away you ride.

If you have kids like me who want more than one go, The ride is only a quid so you can’t go wrong for that price. This is a good place to wait before you go onto the Gingerbread Biscuit decorating in the Kitchen Of Mother Christmas, Please keep in mind that you do have a designated time to be at the kitchen, You should be given that time upon entry at the start of the adventure, They wrote our time down on the rear of the Elf Passport.

There is another little gem in the same area as the the tractor racing which was a big hit with my kids it was the North Pole Post Office, This is where your children can write their letters to santa, Then they can post them off too.

My daughter posting her letter to santa at the Worzals Santa's Arctic Adventure

Once your children have written their letters to Santa, they can also get another stamp in their Elf Passports Just another step along the way to finally meeting the main man Santa. So far we highly recommend this Worzals Santa’s Arctic Adventure.

Inside the Mother Of Christmas Kitchen Where The Children Decorate There Gingerbread Men

When you enter the Mother Of Christmas Kitchen you are met by the Elves, You can tell the girls that are playing their roles really enjoy entertaining the children because they were all excellent and very interactive with the audience which really stood out to me.

The Elves talked to the kids all about The Mother of Christmas and what part they play in cooking and feeding the reindeer and the other Elves, We found it very entertaining as did the other families.

They brought out the kids Gingerbread Men in a nice try along with the icing and sweet to decorate, Best be on ya toes as my daughter tried to eat the sweets first haha.

The Gingerbread decorating tray as part of the path way to santa at Worzals Santa's Arctic Adventure
Listening to Mr Claus telling the story of rudolph the red nose reindeer at Worzals of wisbech at their Santa's Arctic Adventure

After the decorating of the Gingerbread Men you head in to meet Mrs Claus, She gets everyone to have a seat and get comfy whilst she chats to the children about who she is and her job at the North Pole.

After the introductions she tells the children a lovely Christmas story all about Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer. It was all very cosy and the atmosphere was impeccable, I loved the backdrop of the stables where the reindeer lived, When they weren’t out delivering presents to all the children of the world.

You can also see Rudolph inside one of the stables which is a really nice touch, You can tell that a lot of time and planning has gone in to the whole experience, From the very first part, Right through to the end.

Once Mrs Claud finishes her story you head in to a kind of waiting area, Make sure you check in with the main elf there. This is the moment before the children get to meet Santa Claus so as you can imagine there are a lot of very eager and excited kids in the waiting area, But again the staff were excellent keeping the children entertained.

Then the final moment came, A young Elf comes into the waiting area walking in dressed from head to toe in the North Pole Elf outfit, And calls your kids names.

My daughter in the santa's presents sack at worzals santa's arctic adventure

So now this is probably the part you have been looking forward to hearing about, Well i can ashore you this Santa Claus was the best one we have ever had the privilege of meeting. Santa was so welcoming , Warm and kind. My son Phoenix normally has an issue talking to anywhere and is very shy, Which is one of his issues which you can read about here The way he spoke to my son was excellent and made my boy feel very comfortable within the first min or so. The best part was Santa really looked the part, Sounded the part he was brilliant. My daughter on the other hand was scared out of her mind haha, She’s always the same plus only 4 years old, So that’s standard. After chatting to my son for about 10 mins the Elf gave my children a bag each which contained there Gifts from Santa, The gifts were excellent and of a high quality in regards to previous places we had took the children to.

My Overall Thoughts Of Worzals Santa’s Arctic Adventure

Well in a nutshell lets answer the simple questions. Would I return to Worzals Santa’s Arctic Adventure? And would i refer it to my friends and family and of course my blog readers? I have to say it was a wonderful few hours out, For not only my children but for me to, The whole experience was fantastic, I was blown away with the amount of detail, Though and execution of every part of the Santa’s Arctic Adventure. So yes i would certainly return and would highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for some Christmas experiences before the big day. If this year your just not feeling the Xmas vibe yet or have had a crappy year so far, And you in the area of Wisbech or don’t mind travelling, Then this is definitely the place for you to visit.

Lastly i would like to thanks all the members of staff at Worzals for putting on such a magical wonderful Christmas experience, You certainly made our day and if you look at the wide age group within my visiting party you can really see that it’s one for all the family. My youngest is 4 years old and the oldest is 69 so well done guys and we will 100% be visiting to you again.

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