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One of my favoutire naught elf tricks and a great dad hack the drawing on the face

This has to be one of my Favorite Naughty Elf Hacks, And by far one of the easiest tricks to pull off, The best thing about this one is. If your kids are like me the they will find this so funny and make them smile all day, And that’s what the naughty elve’s are all about.

Quick tip on this Naughty Elf trick is MAKE SURE That the pen you use isn’t water proof otherwise you could find yourself in the bathroom scrubbing your face for hours haha.

I think your best option with this idea is to set your alarm about 30 mins before the kids wake up and then get ya game face on.

Oh i forgot to mention you can grab these elf’s anywhere these days Amazon do them pretty cheap and if you have a boy and girl they do the pair for like £12, Which personally i think is a proper bargain .

 Go check these out just click on the Elf's.

Please let me know with a comment if you tried this one, And if you did what your kids reaction was. So lets see more Dad Hacks with the Elf’s.

SpiderMan Vs Naughty Elf’s

What dad wouldnt want to use this dad hack with the naughty elf's and Spiderman

This one is amazing if you have boys, But lets be honest lots of girls love Spiderman as well. This one mixes up the two, So as you can see the Spiderman has an elf all webbed up and stuck to the wall.

So you may ask “How the heck can i do this one” Its very simple as long as you have a Spiderman & The required Elf’s. You will also need some floss (The one for your teeth) and some double sided tape. You use the floss as the webbing, Wrap the Elf so its tied up like in the photo and then bring it back to Spiderman’s Hand so it look likes its coming out of his wrist.

Then grab your doubled sided tape and stick your elf up on the wall, You can set this up anywhere as well. I did this one and did it on my son’s bed side table so it was the first thing he saw when he woke up. I woke up to so my son screaming that Spiderman had webbed hie elf haha. It was one of the better ones that my son absolutely loved so go try this one out.

If you don’t have the spiderman, Floss and doubled sided tape then please check out the items below.

Elf On The Shelf Jenga

The naughty elf's playing jenga with chocolate another fantastic and simple way to surprise your children throughout christmas

This one is another special favourite of mine as me and my son absolutely love Kit-Kat’s, Which if you didnt realise is the chocolate you would be using for the Jenga pieces. This one is ace and lets face it who doesn’t like chocolate for breakfast in December, Even if the Mrs doesn’t agree with ya, Do they ever haha.

So for this set of for the naughty elf’s your going to need your elf’s, 10 Kit-Kat’s (You want the full size ones) and a plate turned upside down. Best thing to do is snap up a few of the chocolate bars and remove a bar or two with the full bar. Then stack them as you would do in Jenga. Then like in photo above stack a few sticks of chocolate between to the two elves, To show the pieces of Jenga that had been removed from the stack.

Its a not a bad one to do and not to expensive either and I’m sure your children will love it.

The Minions Drawn By Elf Power

Another great elf on the shelf idea using bananas and a sharpie to make minions

Now this one i haven’t done this one myself but came along it online and i absolutely love it and I’m doing this one this year for my kids. My children love Despicable Me & The Minions. This looks very easy to pull of as well, A bunch of bananas a Sharpie and of course your elf.

Lets just hope your drawing skills are on point or they could end up looking like smudges on bananas haha.

If you do end up then please do let me know how you get on with it.

Rollin With My Homies – Elf

Omg this one is epic and you can do this with any of you child’s favorite toy’s, But you will need a writing or letter board but i can hook you up with that at the bottom of this part.

Get yourself a toilet roll, Your Elf, Some other toy figures, In this one they used Woody & Buzz from Toy Story.

Unroll your toilet roll maybe across the counter top then squeeze you elf in the toilet roll hole, The just place the toy figures as if they were pushing the elf. Real simple but very effective.

Must admit i love like the whole idea for this one what’s your thoughts ?

The naught elf from elf on the shelf being rolling in toilet roll by Buzz & Woody from Toy Story.

Barbie Dishing Out Some Punishment To The Elf On The Shelf

B\rbie smacking the naughty elf's backside. The Adult version of Elf On The Shelf

Now then what can we say about this one haha, Not for your younger children, But it is quality in its own right. There are so many positions you could put these in that could be seen as borderline in some people eyes. But lets face it this is all for fun so you just do what ever you think is good for your kids. Personally i love it, Still not 100% sure what Barbie is doing to him but he looks like he is enjoying it bless him haha.

I Pead Elf On The Shelf

This one is brilliant Elf from elf on the shelf sitting on a bowl of peas, With "I Pead" spelt out in peas.

This one is so cute and so easy to do one bad of peas a toilet roll a shot glass, And your Elf.

There are so many ideas out there for the Elf On The Shelf, Many are cute ones and even some rude ones, Personally i really like this one because its kinda both and something all little boys can relate to as well.

I’m going to use this one myself this December so i will let you all know how it went, I think its going to go down really well, Don’t you ?

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